Mixture of Two LindleyProbability Models And Application In Reliability

Ehtesham Husain, Masood ul Haq


Mixture probability models are developed in general
from Uni variate Probability functions (say)
g1 (x) and g2 (x) . The mixture of these two is defined by
f(x)  p.g1 (x)  (1  p) g2 (x) where “p” is the mixing
ratio. The function that we have in the present paper is the
Mixture of two Lindley probability distributions, each of
which is having a different parameter. Lindley models are
also useful for data showing decaying trends. The properties
of Lindley probability distribution that have been shown
are Mathematical Expectation, Second Moment, and the
Distribution Function. An application of the Mixture Model
which has been derived in the present research , has been
applied to the Reliability function , in a two component
system , when the components are connected in series. The
Reliability of the discussed system is compared with
reliability values when the Lindley probabilities in the same
system , are independent.

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