Performance Comparison of DSR and AODV Routing Protocols for Soft Delay Deadlines in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network

Sana Sarwat, Ayesha Tahir, Salman Afsar Awan, Mudassar Ahmed


Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN) is a collection of the vast amount of different types of sensors like camera sensor, video and scalar sensors which are involved in retrieving multimedia data from the large environment. The real-time sending of video and audio content to the destination before a strict playout deadline has been necessary for multimedia environment. Otherwise, it will be dropped at the destination. In WMSN sending real time multimedia data with soft play deadlines is a challenging task to solve this challenge, routing protocols play an important role in WMSN. Routing demands of multimedia content of WMSNs need to be perfect routing protocols to optimize path selection and guarantee communication. This paper presents a performance comparison between two reactive routing protocols; namely AODV and DSR, with soft delay deadlines and efficient utilization of resources in WMSN. The objective is to assess the real-time behavior of these two protocols upon sending multimedia content. Here, we evaluate the performance with respect to the use of these matrices like latency, Average jitter, Average delay and throughput and factors includes are CBR and multimedia traffic with varying packet size and bandwidth. DSR perform better as compared to AODV routing protocol since it discovers the routes more efficiently. AODV is better in term of Jitter than DSR. NS-2 simulator tool used for the purpose of this comparison.

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