Tributary Mapping Multiplexing an Efficient Technique for High Speed Fiber Optic Communication

Usman Illahi, Javed Iqbal, Muhammad Ismail Sulaiman, Muhammad Alam, Mazliham Mohd Su'ud


A novel technique of multiplexing called Tributary Mapping Multiplexing (TMM) is
applied to a single channel wavelength division multiplexing system and performance is monitored on the basis of simulation results. To elaborate the performance of TMM in this paper, a 4-User TMM system over single wavelength channel is demonstrated. TMM showed significant tolerance against narrow optical filtering as compared to that of conventional TDM at the rate of 40 Gbit/s. The above calculations are made by optical filter bandwidth and dispersion tolerance that was allowed at minimum. The spectral efficiency achieved by this TMM was 1 b/s/Hz and it was executed by using transmitters and receivers of 10 Gbit/s without polarized multiplexing. The high spectral efficiency, high dispersion tolerance and tolerance against strong optical filtering makes TMM an efficient technique for High
Speed Fiber Optic Communication.

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