Ranking and sensitivity analysis of key factors for successful project management performance: An application of AHP for Oil and Gas sector

Farhaj Ishtiaq Chaudhary


The complexities faced by oil and gas projects due to uncertainties and risks, demand implementation of project management techniques for successful completion. Therefore this is made by using analytical hierarchy process, to identify and prioritize the key factors for successful project management performance of oil and gas projects. These factors are categorized into attributes of project staff, project planning process and assessment of project quality. Using Expert Choice, a hierarchy is developed followed by pairwise comparison based upon data collection from industrial experts of oil and gas sector. Results of analytical hierarchy process concluded that, project completion within estimated time and budget, clarity of objectives and involvement of top management are most crucial elements for improvement in project management performance of oil and gas projects. Whereas sensitivity analysis according to three different scenarios highlighted factors according to their relative importance.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22555/pjets.v8i1.1237


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