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PAKISTAN BUSINESS REVIEW JAN 2016Research805T he Indian Wahabi Movement (1 82 6-18 71 ) . . .ResearchTHE INDIAN WAHABI MOVEMENT(1826-1871): APPROACHES TOITS STUDY AND ANALYSISSo far this movement, has been studied, analysed andinterpreted primarily from two viewpoints, the narrower and thebroader: any research work with its focus on the narrower perspectivenaturally possesses the merits and demerits of a micro study, butobviously deprives it of all the corresponding advantages anddisadvantages attributed to a macro level analysis, and vice versa.Besides the above two perspectives, the colonials, nationalists,political economists, radical historians, post-British era state-oriented writers, ‘subaltern’ historiographers, post-colonialnarrators, post-1947 Pakistani ideologues and Marxist scholars’narratives differ from each other, substantially, since they anlayseand interpret the same historical events and political movements fromwidely different perspectives.


Colonial, Community/Communitarian, Empire, the Great Game, Subaltern

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