Aamir Azeem, Billal Aziz, Atif Khan Jadoon


It has been a self-proclaimed fact that financial development boosts economic growth in the short as well as in the long run. This particular study has taken financial development indicators from banking and secondary market perspectives into consideration. We find the banking sector more prominent and more influential in contrast to secondary markets as by revealed their coefficients. The study adopts financial deepening, foreign direct investment, banking credit to private sector, stock market size, stock market efficiency and stock market liquidity as independent variables along with economic growth as dependent variables. All the variables except banking credit to private sector have a significant and positive relationship with economic growth. Results show that financial development affects economic growth positively. Financial deepening, stock market liquidity and foreign direct investment have only one way causality while stock market size has two-way causality.


Financial development, economic growth, Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR), GDP.

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