Human Dynamics of Street Administration: A Study on Traffic Wardens in Karachi

Tehzeeb Sakina Amir, Muhammad Adeel Hanif, Maheen Yusuf Bandhani, Muhammad Affan Khan


The study investigated the myriad of psychological and physical stress factors affecting traffic wardens in Karachi. It was hypothesized that traffic wardens do not feel satisfied or stressed with their jobs and also that job tenure has no relation to their job satisfaction and stress. A mixed method approach with 15 semi-structured interviews and 50 survey form was adopted using convenient sampling. Job stress and satisfaction was measured using a self-made questionnaire (a =.797 & .582). Analysis indicated that traffic wardens were satisfied with their jobs and employment duration was not found to be associated with job satisfaction and stress.




Human Factors, Job satisfaction, Job stress, Traffic wardens

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