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Bio Statement Relax And Blow Your Mind With Triple Town

There are so many puzzle games on the Internet, and you have no idea which one to play in your free time? Triple Town is definitely a good choice.


Triple Town makes use of the fundamental rule of several different puzzle games across the Internet. Specifically, players build up a medieval city by putting objects together on a grid.

As soon as three similar items are positioned next to each other, they will instantly disappear, being replaced by a valuable item.

For instance, three bushes make a tree, three trees make a house, three panes of grass make a bush, etc. The current round finishes when the players have filled up all the empty spaces.

Interesting Plot and Graphics

Every time players finish a round, points will be accumulated as coins, special items, or a high score. Players can also use real cash to purchase more spectacular items for your town.

If you are out of moves, you are able to buy more right away, or you can just wait until they are recharged. In addition to the exciting gameplay, Triple Town also leaves a huge impression on players for its stunning design.

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Focus on Players’ Feelings


Another aspect that makes Triple Town an engaging and fun puzzle game is that it provides players with a combination of luck and skills, along with easy-to-follow rules.

Normally, you will see that in puzzle games, users will need to purchase at some point to have the best experience. On the other hand, Triple Town is a completely different story.

Even though you can use real money to buy additional power-ups, the game will still be satisfying without spending money. That is the reason why Triple Town is favored by a lot of people. It respects the players’ choices.

What’s more, what sets Triple Town apart from other puzzle games is that it pays attention to the fun side instead of constantly reminding players to buy items, posting statuses on social accounts, or inviting friends.

This game can also be considered as a potential method for children to learn planning strategies.

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Tiny Unsatisfying Points


Despite the stunning features that Triple Town has to offer, its social functions are not really outstanding. Not to mention that the plot sometimes becomes repetitive because there are not many differences among the four islands.

Besides, Spry Fox restricts the number of turns that players can make every day. If you want to unlock the entire game, you need to pay $3.99, which is not a very affordable price of a puzzle game.


Overall, Triple Town is still regarded as one of the most outstanding puzzle games on the market.

Not only is it free, but its features might make you feel addicted, leading you to hours of trying to fill up the grid. The special features, are paired up with beautiful graphics and stunning audio tracks, that let players enjoy their free time to the fullest.

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Try it out on your smartphone, after all it’s free!