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Bio Statement At Manti Games, you will have the chance to enjoy all the trending games that you need. We have the vast collection of all the categories of games featured on this website. Welcome to our wonderful gaming world! Here, you can explore all your favorite browser-based games free online. You may be wondering: What are our best games? Keep reading on to find your expected answer. 
1. Surviv.Io
This top-rated favorite is developed based on the iconic Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG format. The inspiration from these smash hits is taken to this amazing 2D top-down shooting game. Here, you can see yourself as a simple circle with your choice of color are moving into a wasteland trying to defeat others 99 circles. Choose shurikens or machine guns to eliminate others. Try your best to become the winner.

Don’t miss this masterpiece out!
Although the game is featured with simple graphics, it’s not easy to overcome a gameplay. This action game is playable via all of your devices. Move your character around with your arrow keys. Our tip is to grab a powerful weapon or gun to shot your enemies down instantly. To kill or be killed. That’s your choice. Become the final player!
2. Penguin Adventure
Let’s start your satisfying experience with the excellent platformer gameplay. Penguin Adventure is developed as a Mario-style game. Get ready to run, jump, and shoot all the obstacles appearing along the way. Start your adventure through three worlds and try to gather as many coins as possible. Get into the cannons and soar through the blue sky. Grab a magnet to make all the coins yours. In this game, you may face several evil creatures such as mad monkeys, angry birds, piranhas, and spikes. Just jump on or throw hard rocks at all of them to knock them down.
Control the penguin simply by the arrow keys. Be careful if you don’t want to make it run off a cliff or into the spikes. Hold and jump to stay in the air for as long as possible to get over the longer distances and tons of enemies. Eat fruit along the way to receive more lives. Even when you end up losing a life, you restart the previous level with the saved point. So, don’t worry because you won’t lose all that you try to have.
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3. Fireboy And Watergirl 5
We surely can’t deny this fantastic game, Fireboy & Watergirl 5 in this list. This extremely unforgiving game is featured with no reset section or checkpoints. Clunky controls are also what should be highlighted in this game. No one can obey trying this frustrating free online game. You may easily crush into it and keep coming back again and again. That’s what happens once you’re into this game. However, once you lose, you’ll have to come back to the start point. That’s sad!

Collect the diamonds for points!
This tricky platformer game has been our favorite for decades, especially those who love challenging their skills and abilities. This game will take a lot of your time, but it’s worth it. Once you pass the first level, reach the more difficult levels to satisfy yourself with a challenging experience. This game gives players a feeling of freedom and comfort in your spare time. Give this fun game a try! Let’s see how long you can last?
4. Color Balls  
This Flappy Bird-style candidate is a simple puzzle game. The game genre of challenging the human limit is now the possible winner in the gaming world. Not difficult at all, but this game is totally frustrating. Once again, you’ll quickly find yourself trying to beat your score at the previous gameplay. Don’t think about breaking your PC screen if your balls keep dropping. Although the game can drive you crazy, stay calm and continue playing until the end. Apply your skills, patience, and high concentration in this game. They are the key elements to keep you going far in this masterpiece.
5. Flap Cat
Join Flash Cat right now if you want to test your click-and-point skills to the limit. Try to move a cat through unpredictable obstacles to come your way. This excellent steampunk platformer game is not too easy to master. You’ll need to measure the accurate power to go through every maps and obstacle perfectly. Don’t let the cat’s get hurt! For the bashed head and feet, he will fall into a significant concussion and the abyss. Although these cases are unavoidable in this game, keep calm and control your fragile cat. 

Balance through all the obstacles!
Watch out while moving around in the dangerous world of massive statues and mechanical cogs. Click to apply enough power to the cat’s jetpack. For full power, hold the mouse for a while and then release the mouse button to drop it. Could you survive until the end of the game? Hold on and keep waiting for the advanced version of this amazing online mini-game. Meoww! This is such as an amazing animal game!
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6. Spot the Difference Avengers
Experience this exciting free online flash game right away! Test your ability to spot different characters with tons of different images from the Marvel world. Could you point out all the differences before time’s up? Examine the pictures of your favorite childhood superheroes such as Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, etc. Utilize your brilliant brain power to the fullest!
7. Crazy Freekick 

Live your passion of becoming a football player here!
Having long been dreaming of becoming a famous national football player? Now, you can live your dream in Crazy Freekick. Your choice of the football team may include Brazil, England, Argentina, Italy, France, or Germany. This single-player football game allows you to test your free kick around the defenders with five balls. Try to gain as many goals as you can. Ensure all your shot is on your target! Sports games like this are now available in the form of couples games. So, don’t miss awesome free online games for couples that people can't wait to play!