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Mind health

by fiona basil (2020-09-14)

The term mental health may appear simple, but the truth is that deep down it is a highly complex concept for which there is no single global definition. And it depends on who does it and from the discipline and biological and cultural perspective from which what is understood as mental health can be very different. In a general way, it is possible to define mental health as the state of subjective well-being in which the person is able to cope with the psychosocial demands of the day to day , is aware of their abilities and can, thanks to them, adapt and integrate in a way effective in the world around you. We would be facing a state of balance between the person and the world, both cognitive, emotional and behavioral, in which the first feels and is able to function properly, and can not only satisfy their needs but also feel good and fulfilled. Likewise, it must be taken into account that health is not considered as an objective per se, but as something that is part of our daily life and that allows us to carry out our aspirations. The concept of mental health also includes the ability to perform the necessary behaviors to maintain and promote one's own physical and mental health.