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Banner Designing Is Not An Aging Concept

by Charlie Harrell (2020-01-16)

Banner ads are common in the online marketing business even before the conception of CPM (model of paying your ads to appear on websites) came into existence. Numerous people around the globe live on this model as their prime source of revenue because of the vast prospective in display advertising. Some keen businessmen tried the same idea but botched because there was lack of preparation, administration, and conceptualizing.

"Will Banner Designing continue to prosper?"- It is the question that we face today. There is strong belief that online marketers will introduce new systems and techniques to change the web banner concepts that are in use. Similar to the way Google launched Google Ad words and many websites introduced premium memberships.

Note: Google has strengthened its range of free services as an effort to amplify its ad network. They have been able to dominate each and every industry including the Information and Communication Technology sector.

The next query is, "What about smaller businesses crowded in the online queue trying to cash in from the fat cow?"

This is the reason why one should comprehend the necessities of the customers. Visitors around the world go online to find personalization, information (govt. sites, wiki), and interaction (social networking, emails). They tend to pursue the ads without any question when they stumble upon them.

"How will banner ads make an impact to grasp the visitor's attention?" - The answer to this question is :

Attentive Display Advertising

Banner ads will gain a longer lifespan in today's world if focused on providing fun before conversion, information before transaction and interactivity before conclusion. Setting up persona quizzes for purchasing a shoe would result in failure. Therefore, the advertisers should focus on telling quality stories instead of creating false expectations like "You've won a $1,000,000 lottery ticket."

Display ads have given a new life to social networking. Whereas, micro-blogging tools like Face book and Twitter will help you to earn value and respect without any expenditure.

Changing Banner Models

Advertisers need to look at sophisticated banner-ad models other than CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions | Note: M = Mille / 1000) because customer have witnessed numerous changes over the years.

E.g. Brand impact can be measured by assessing the revenue models, CTR (Click through Rates) for search engines, CTR + TOS (which measures the time spent by the visitor due to his/her interest), visitor behavior: measured through TOS, loyalty, landing page, length on page, and exit percentage.

One should be able to put the puzzle together even though the data is not entirely precise because TOS systems are frequently refreshed, CTR only explains the impressions over clicks, cookies containing information about visitor loyalty are deleted by manual clearing, anti-virus programs, and spyware removal tools.


The banner design will be successful if the potential outcome is flexible, competitive, measurable, and lucrative.

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