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Here's What Every Movie Lover Should Know About Dine-in Movies

by Fermin Garmon (2020-01-15)

You've probably got someone in your life you could comfortably call a true movie lover, right? So, they'd be the person you'd reserve as your "lifeline" if you wanted to know as much as possible about dine-in movies.

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The thing about dine-in movies is that they are a relatively new phenomenon in the movie industry and are not to be confused with drive-inn movies. Dine-in movies are actually movies that you can have a full-fledged meal with, complete with server and "table service". You can actually go to the movies and order a meal from a legit menu & someone will serve as your go-to person to make sure you're taken care of during the length of the movie. Wild!

Even the most avid movie lover might not be fully aware of what a dine-in movie is all about. So, if you or someone you know digs cinema but are a little out of the loop regarding dine-in movies, here are a few things you need to know:

There's Competition - Early on, lk21bioskop only a couple of chains toyed with offering meals while patrons watched a movie, but over time, even the biggest chains started to retrofit older theaters to accommodate their entry into the field. This is good news for consumers as it means that the more chains have to fight for your business, the better the price & offerings will be.

First-Run New Movie Releases - Dine-in movie theaters are all about showing the newest movies available. They are also keen on offering movie events & screenings of old favorites for those diehard fans out there.

Upgrades Galore - Seating is more comfortable, sound systems are clearer & more powerful, and screen size & definition are insane. Throw in the growing audiences for 3-D and IMAX presentations, and you've got movie theaters packing some serious A/V technology the likes of which they never have.

Race to Stay Unique - Perhaps the biggest way these movie theaters stay ahead of the competition is by offering something different. The hands-down winner is serving on-site brewed craft beer specially formulated by award-winning brewmasters to pair with the delicious menu items. It looks as though there's a push to make the theater experience mirror as much of the home theater feel as possible, and throwing some well-made craft beer in the mix is a masterful stroke.

Dine-in movies look to be taking hold of theaters across the country, which will undoubtedly attract a pretty diverse audience. This change isn't too surprising considering the movie industry, as a whole, has undergone a tremendous amount of change over the last couple of decades. The big plus has been how it has benefited the consumer from top to bottom. It's often noted that the golden age of Hollywood came about a third of the way into the 20th century, but it's fair to argue that there's been no better time to be a movie fan than right now.

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