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Meditation in a Bottle

by Mathew John (2020-01-13)

At the time of this writing, I was introduced to Meditation in a Bottle Review an interesting woman with a decidedly different perception of reality. This woman is in her fifties. I'll call her Evelyn. Although I do not know Evelyn's history, I made some assumptions about her, based on the statements she made. Evelyn stated that people are breaking into her apartment and cutting up her clothes. She has repeatedly asked her landlord to change the locks on her door. Evelyn abandoned several apartments because of this frightening disturbance.Evelyn has been homeless for years at a time as a result of what medical doctors refer to as paranoia. She told me that she called the police about her fears. Apparently she was admitted to an inpatient psychiatric hospital for several months for doing so. More recently she has contacted the FBI and the White House concerning her distress. She stated that no one is listening to her. Evelyn said that her doctor told her she is making up stories and lying (whether or not that was doctor's exact words are unknown). I decided to refrain from making that same remark.My guess is (and this is only a guess) that someone was breaking into her room as a child and abusing her. Evelyn made some vague references to her childhood. I do not know what they were about, and I certainly would not repeat them to anyone if I did know. I believe my suspicions may explain why she abandons her apartments in favor of homeless shelters. This would not seem rational to the average person. It seems to me that Evelyn feels unsafe in her apartment as a result of childhood trauma.