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by Norine Macklin (2020-01-13)

How could I deny facts? I simply asked you for some proof and you gave nothing, just talking points. Whats moronic is trying to persuade someone what is true without having any factual information to back it up, not blindly believing something because people say its true. If it has been proven as you say, it really shouldn't be hard to prove..

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Some of the greatest nicknames are simply shorter versions of the player's name combined with an adjective that describes them or the way they play. For example, look at Ben, an apt name for a QB who stands 6'5 and weighs over 240 lbs. Another classic in this category is Joe, a nickname that fits not only Joe Namath's team, the New York Jets, but also his career as a TV and stage actor..

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Those things are also usually hot to us is a terrible ashamed kind of way. It has something to do with taboo things. It involves something risky and crazy and to be honest horrible to people we really truly love and feel terrible about it but at the exact same time it can be what gets our pulses racing the fastest..

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