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by Vern Adams (2020-01-13)

pexels-photo-1470168.jpegFrom the biggest part of my heart thank you for letting me entertain you. Tonight was my story book ending and I wanted to leave you with all I had to give. I miss this theater of violence more than I can express in words but I am officially retiring from Sports Entertainment.

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I'm not offended. Just rather annoyed that my stated position was being twisted and misrepresented. I said multiple times that I have zero tolerance for the sin, that I would not cooperate with it, and I agree with the Catholic teaching. One of the most popular reasons people try IF is for weight loss. There is some research to support that certain methods of fasting may help with weight loss and reduced body fat. According to researchers at the University of Alabama, metabolism functions at optimum capacity in the earlier hours of the day.

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