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by Thaddeus Tanaka (2020-01-09)

188 seats on each of the three flights. We very happy about it. We had our expectations but the response has been better than what we expected. But Sanders might not have even had the ball in his hands when he made the his biggest play of the game. When quarterback Clayton Thorson hit wide receiver Greg Ward Jr. For a 38 yard touchdown pass early in the second quarter, Sanders picked up a rusher coming up the middle on a blitz to give Thorson some extra time to hang in the pocket and deliver the pass downfield..

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Pittsburgh wide out Sammy Coates is a young player to watch, despite having just one catch in the 2015 NFL regular season. With Martavis Bryant suspended for the year, the second year youngster will get plenty of targets. After two catches for 61 yards in the playoffs last year, Coates showed the potential for big plays, making him worth a late round selection..

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