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by Gayle Stubbs (2020-01-09)

Why do you have to come off as such an arrogant dude, if you already are, you have to back it up, I mean "THE GOAT" would have known that Raptors are one of the most organised teams in NBA, what other team would dare to run PnR with players like Terrence Davis and RHJ and also do it succesfully adn their defense is one of the best in league did you see their team effor to lockdown opposing best players while 76ers bench is not very far from non existent, starters arent playing more than 35mpg and that leaves a large margin for errors and blowing leads/creating deficits. Also Embiid didnt play well because "He had a bad game", the goat would have known that Gasol is really good at guarding opposing centers and also Gasol had awful game. Those 2 have worn each oher out down the stretch and that created lack of energy in general.

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