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by Scotty Clevenger (2020-01-08)

You can request penalty and interest abatement by submitting a letter to the address on the notice by citing that you had reasonable cause. You would write a narrative that explains that you attempted to act in good faith and did what you could, but did not have the information to file the returns properly when they were due. The IRS usually grants that relief for a first time offender.

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"It's certainly a special big year for snowy owls. We think that the reason there are so many snowy owls in New Jersey is because they had a really good year this year up in the Arctic where they breed. And when that happens, they produce lots of offspring.

Sixty years after the end of the Korean War (1950 1953), the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea still face each other across the highly fortied Demilitarised Zone along the thirty eighth parallel on the Korean peninsula. Since then, both Korean states have always proclaimed eventual unication of the divided people as a high priority political objective. However, due to a large number of insurmountable political barriers, the reunication of the two nations is unlikely to happen in the near future.

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