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by ca toi (2020-06-18)

Easy to use
Wireless WIFI IP camera can operate independently, extremely flexible. Image signals can be transmitted trọn bộ 8 camera kbvision and processed over a local area network or across the internet to a central location. You can see your loved ones anytime anywhere. The camera can observe day and night only on smartphones, tablets, PCs easily.

2. Higher resolution
Wireless WiFi IP cameras are digital products with clear image quality with improved digital technology, can see details of things around and can be moved anywhere does in the IP trọn bộ camera hikvision 5mp network. Special IP camera can work without cumbersome network cables.

3. Extremely low cost
Saving costs such as installation labor, signal wires, video recorders, hard drives ... With only 700K, you trọn bộ camera hikvision 2mp immediately own a high-definition WIFI camera with the most advanced technology available today.