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It’s about time for the SEA Games 2009 – the biggest sports tournament in South East Asia region

by Xavier Best (2019-04-29)

Its about time for the SEA Games 2009 the biggest sports tournament in South East Asia region.  This could make all people in Laos become more and more exciting as it will be the first time in history for their nation to be the host of this major regional event which has been established for 50 years this time around. I believed that theyre now more than ready to greet and welcome everyone to the tournament already and now I guess its time for ourselves to get prepared.

tour du lịch myanmar giá rẻThe final test-run of the opening and closing ceremony was held last weekend (28th Nov). Everything seemed to go well with more than 20,000 spectators took their seats at the National Stadium in Vientiane. Most of the games are also planned to take place in the capital city. Although, Tour du lịch Myanmar due to the lack of financial resources and limited sports facilities, there will be less number of sports playing in the tourment e.g. from 43 games from last tournament in Bangkok to 28 games, but all the major ones will certainly be included in the list such as golf, soccer, swimming, badminton, Tour du lịch Myanmar tennis, boxing and Sepak Takraw.

So this can be a good opportunity for someone who failed to reserve their holidays during Christmas break. South East Asia will always welcome you. Lets book your flight and Tour du lịch Myanmar hotel for travelling to Vientiane for the 25th SEA Games, you will have great chances to get involve in the unique friendly atmostphere in South East Asia.

Vientiane is now changing a lot (in case you've been there before). With the financial injection and collabolations from their good neighbors like Thailand, China and Vietnam. Many restructuring projects on the basic infrastructure like roads have been introduced to this city in the past recent years. So Lets book your trip to Vientaine now!! The 25th SEA Games and Tour du lịch Myanmar từ hà nội this little country is waiting to welcome you all. The games start from December 9 - December 18, 2009.

For more information about travel in Laos, check out website or find more information about the 25th SEA Games at Vientaine, Laos from website the SEA Games 2009 at Vientiane, Laos