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by Tam Sheean (2019-04-28)

28 nov: Im back!! Since some people keep bugging me to start writing, I think I shall start with today cuz its my birthday! hahaha. Thick skinned la. I thought that I had a very miserable birthday since I wasnt on talking terms with my mum over some petty issuesla and I decided to coop myself in the room, not giving a hoot about those relatives coming over.

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Don feel too bad about it, said Tony Chicoine, 27, a native of Worcester, who was wearing a Moss No. 81 Patriots jersey. Got a third round pick. Seen Jason 9 times in last 5 years and have two more cued up later this year. We catching the equivalent of TP and the Heartbreakers at their prime right now. Agree with all the comments on this thread.

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DD: in prep school, just being myself and that word just popped out. Is just like you already know but it just more swag for big guys because big guys have to do different things to get noticed. You a big man, you have a very big heart but you have a very tiny Yorkie.

Second round WR Paul Richardson did not participate in the final two days of mini camp after injuring his shoulder diving for a pass at the end of Friday practice. He expected to be fine in a few days. Fourth round LB Kevin Pierre Louis sat out Sunday practice with a groin strain.

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