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by Garfield McGarry (2019-04-28)

Undated photo of US baseball star Jackie Robinson as he signs a then record contract to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson, who endured insults and death threats to integrate United States sports, was honored 15 April by the permanent retirement of his jersey number throughout Major League baseball. The contract, the highest salary in Dodger history up to then, was for US $35, 000 a year.

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It was Robert's mission to help this camp that gives so much to the kids, and thanks to the generosity of Lexus, he and his team had three days to work and a budget of a whopping $50,000. Along with designer Cheryl Torrenueva and construction manager Tom Bury, Robert overhauled the camp's previously ill equipped kitchen, renovated the old equipment room into a joint organization room and workspace, and created a seemingly larger than life outdoor patio for the campers and staffers to enjoy. He also welcomed fellow Chef Stephanie Izard, who worked with Diana, the head cook at City Kids, to prepare a barbecue feast for the camp community to celebrate the transformation.

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Votto hit a solo shot in the seventh. After rounding the bases, Votto gave a bat and jersey to a 6 year old boy he met at the ballpark last week through the Make A Wish Foundation. Walter Herbert sat next to the dugout and wore a blue shirt that said: "BE KIND.".

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