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by Adrianne Castrejon (2019-04-28)

And, in fact, one of the mayors from another city nearby laughed at me when I admitted that I actually read our council packets. He thought it was a joke. I like to know what I'm voting on. This was wasteful, and it angered the spirit, so now he will kill the girl. Everything, everything should be eaten up!" Trance dances often ease tensions and renew solidarity, but this warning that waste is bad is unusual conversations seldom spell out morals. The shaman assures the irate spirit that this mistake will not be made again.

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John HamnerAn All County/All District basketball player at Rogers High School from 1952 55. He averaged 22 points per game as a junior and 21 per game in his senior season. Hamner also excelled in baseball at Rogers and was named All County his junior and senior seasons and played in the East West All Star Game.

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