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by Holley Dannevig (2019-04-28)

State police Capt. After the vehicle sped through a construction zone in Londonderry.The pursuit continued along I 93 at speeds up to 115 mph in Hooksett, where a trooper unsuccessfully attempted to deploy tire deflation devices, state police said.Officials also discovered the pickup was recently reported stolen out of Boston.A second attempt to deploy tire deflation devices near the junction of Interstate 89 was also unsuccessful, resulting in O'Dwyer passing another vehicle by driving on the grass shoulder.A trooper successfully deployed tire deflation devices on the vehicle's front tires near Exit 2, which slowed the pickup down. Just south of Exit 3, the vehicle veered to the left, striking the median jersey barrier.Still traveling between 60 and 100 mph, the car didn't completely stop until heavily sparking rims littered the roadway and O'Dwyer had no choice but to pull over.Some sparks created several small brush fires, prompting the New London Fire Department to respond to extinguish the flames.After refusing the services of a bail commissioner, O'Dwyer was held at Merrimack County House of Corrections while awaiting a video arraignment Wednesday morning at 6th Circuit Court in Concord.O'Dwyer is charged with receiving stolen property, reckless conduct, disobeying an officer and conduct after an accident.State troopers from Troops B and D were assisted by the New London Police Department, Sutton Police Department, Bradford Police Department, Sunapee Police Department and the New London Fire Department.ArticlesTreatment plant spills 8 million gallons of raw sewage into Merrimack River3 overdoses in 24 hours spark investigation of potent, tainted drugs in Salem, NHThrough murder and mayhem, Lawrence clubs remain openAlleged heroin trafficker held on $500,000 cash bail; police seize seven guns from his homeNo significant irregularities seen as Lawrence votesPolice: Salem, NH, man who is registered sex offender was naked in publicLawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera wins re election against close rival William LantiguaRemembering Dasia RoutierSandown man shot and killed in BrentwoodUPDATE: Lawrence municipal election results.

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