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by Damian Rembert (2019-04-25)

He fit right in on a top PP unit in the AHL. On the downside he's indifferent in puck battles and in his defensive play and I think he has a ways to go before he can be a good player at evens in the NHL. I don't think he's a sure thing (he's probably not in my top 100 prospects right now, maybe on outside looking in) but there is plenty of upside in his game.

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The onside kicks are just one reason why other teams in the league didn't want to play the Cherokee this year. There were also the ferocious blitzes that could not be stopped. The formations and plays you'd expect to see carried out at the college level, not executed by kids too young to drive..

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If you think the team needs a better prospect pipeline to make a real push, then the deal makes less sense. I don think we should be value betting on 26 year old players right now (even if we may win that bet). We should be value betting the draft to accumulate the top end scoring and defensive talent were going to need to become a contender.

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My bit of advice print out some resumes and go to cafes and restaurants between lunch and dinner service (3 5pm) and talk to the manager. If you don have a lot of experience, tell them that you willing to learn. If they like you, you get a trial shift do whatever they say to do, do it well..

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