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The advantages of renting a motorbike

by jesuza alex (2019-12-21)

The advantages of renting a motorbike


You will save in rent and fuel


Shortly after driving our scooter, beyond its comfort, we will call attention to the following fact: it is not necessary to stop to refuel as often as with a car. This saving in fuel is not the only one, but the same rental rate is usually ostensibly lower in a motorcycle than in another type of car. In short, if what we prioritize is our economy, it will not cost us too much to decide to contract with companies like Cooltra.


Protect the environment


Ten recommendations for sustainable tourism was the title of the Decalogue promoted last year by the Ministry of the Environment, Iberia and the Biodiversity Foundation. It places special emphasis on the treatment of waste, urging tourists to minimize them and bet on vehicles that generate less pollution. Among them, of course, are scooters, given that the volume of their emissions is lower than that of cars. Therefore, using a motorcycle this summer represents an ecological commitment, especially if it is an electric motorcycle such as the one rented by suppliers such as Cooltra. Promoting a sustainable transport model is thus the objective.

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