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by Mr Dunggio (2020-01-21)

In response to Hosting Murah

Since the Saint Gathering realizes that there's something else entirely to this entire Legend versus Dull Ruler fight than they at first idea, Leo and Johann need to concentrate on making the mirror that will move them all to the Dim Master's château. Meanwhile, Elias and Aki structure an impermanent gathering with Mina and Louis to agree with on a particular stance journey. Everything appears to be basic from the outset, yet there's significantly more to this than meets the eye, and in a little while, Aki and Elias' recently admitted affections for one another are being utilized against them when he's devoured by his natural Legend's capacity. Glad endings are rarely effectively accomplished, yet do they need to be this troublesome and horrid to get?

The front of the second volume of Tsukasa Yamazaki's I Turned into the Secretary of a Saint! promptly tells you that things won't be as upbeat and sweet in this isekai dream as they were in volume one. Where the first book's spread was done in quite a while and whites, this one tends towards dull grays and shadows, and even the characters' stances demonstrate that something is going down in this novel. That is completely reasonable admonition, in such a case that volume one was tied in with presenting the characters and setting up the apparent world, this one is tied in with pushing those characters to the limit and telling us that the way that a large portion of the Legend Gathering thinks the world works is each of the a cautious created lie.

Generally the certainties uncovered in this volume spin around Johann, the gathering's minister. As both a minister and a relative of one of the Haven's establishing individuals, he's in the unenviable situation of being both the companion and kind of enemy of Elias and the remainder of the gathering. This was a factor in his character in volume one, yet now it's brought to the fore as powers marshal against Elias in unexpected manners. Johann is the main individual who has a large portion of the data expected to return things in good shape, and that is a wellspring of strain for him. His family (and occupation) have been concealing some significant disclosures about history for a considerable length of time, and Johann is required kissasian to proceed with that custom, putting the solace of an arrangement of convictions over reality, while holding Elias as an individual (and by augmentation, the Dim Ruler as an individual) in less view and significance than Elias as an open figure. Legislative issues and kinship are seldom simple associates, and this has been eating at Johann, yet discreetly, until he's compelled to recognize reality halfway through the book, so, all in all he needs to choose who he needs to be: a minister of the Asylum, or Johann, Elias' companion.

That this parallels Elias' own feelings before everything goes sideways (and afterward become a significant factor in that sideways slip) is very likely purposeful. (In the afterword, Yamazaki clarifies that there's a clear arrangement for the story's direction.) Elias has been consistently opposing his developing affection for Aki, as we saw through the span of the main novel, since he's been raised to accept that the Saint isn't permitted to frame passionate connections to others in case it keep him from sufficiently carrying out his responsibility of sparing the world. While he's still figured out how to become companions with Leo and Johann, he plainly feels that experiencing passionate feelings for is considerably more of an infringement of that alleged guideline. At the point when he sees Aki fall into potential harm during their side mission, in any case, he concludes that it doesn't make a difference and he'll figure out how to make it work, which is extraordinary for those of us perusers who were pulling for them, in any case shows why the "rule" was made in any case: it enables somebody to utilize Aki against Elias, prompting fiasco.