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Little Known Facts About Lawyer in Chandigarh.

by Kelli Morrell (2018-10-29)

8,000 was payable from the second year, under the deed dated 23-11-1917 a minimum ground rent of Rs. The next phase of the transaction begins on 3-8-1915 with Messrs Bird and Co. Union of India[1983] INSC 167; , (1983) 4 SCC 598, the relevant Advocates paragraph has been provided below: The judgment discusses the Indian Railways Act, 1890 in which, Sections 27 and 28 correspond to Section 70 and 71 of the present Act. As at present, the private sector is not permitted to manufacture IMFL and there is only one State owned distillery.

It was contended on behalf of the appellants that the Election Tribunal had no power either under s. But then, it should not be overlooked that they are only aids to ascertain the true intention of the legislature as expressed in the statute. See page 813 where it was said- "The Order commits to the unrestrained will of a single individual the power to grant, withhold or cancel licences in any way he chooses and there is nothing in the Order which would ensure a proper execution of the power or operate as a check upon injustice that might result from improper execution of the same".

The following passage from Crawford on "The Construction of Statutes", 1940 Edition, page 454 cited by the appellant may be usefully referred to in this connection: Nor, in the past, has this Court hesitated to strike, down the Act or Order itself when it confers unrestricted power as here. The existence of a Union Territory, Mahe, within the State of Kerala, and boundaries with the States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where the sale or consumption of liquor is not prohibited indubitably makes it almost impossible for the State to venture into prohibition.

83(3) Of the Act or under 0. 17 Of the Code of Civil Procedure to allow the amendment in question and its finding that the appellant No. It accordingly declared the election void under S. According to the law of England-and Advocates that is also the law under the Indian Contract Act, 1872-"every person who is sui juris has a right to appoint an agent for any purpose whatever and that be can do so when he is exercising a statutory right no less than when he is exercising any other right".

I had employed the two persons in addition to the prescribed number was misconceived in law. 50,000 per annum at Rs. Now, the rules of construction on which the appellant relies are well-established. , and the Court of Wards on the expedi- ency of extending the period of license and on the Advocates terms on which such extension should be granted. The Foreign Liquor Rules were promulgated by Advocates virtue of Sections 10 and 24 to 29 of the Abkari Act, relating to the sale of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).

Napper: In re Schmidts' Trade-Mark(1). To further buttress his final submission on the role of the Railways, the learned Counsel for the Appellant also cited P. 123(8) and 123(7) had been committed by the appellants. It has accordingly been held that "at common law. There was a further pro- vision that if before 26-3-1939 the licensees took leases of at least 20,000 bighas, the period of the license would be extended by another term of 12 years, i. Ultimately, on 23- 11-1917 the manager of the Court 330 of Wards executed a deed modifying the terms of the deed dated 26-3-1915.

The Election Tribunal allowed the amendment, when a fresh petition on those allegations would have been time-barred, holding that what were sought to be introduced by it were 'mere particulars of the charge already made, and held that corrupt practices under ss. retail of licence sale of foreign liquor, were auctioned by the State to private parties, which practice, as is obvious, has been discontinued. This rule is subject to certain well-known exceptions as when the act to be performed is personal in character, or is annexed to a public office, or to an office involving fiduciary obligations.

This proposal was subjected to close scrutiny, and there was prolonged correspondence between Messrs Bird and Co. 5 per bigha on the covenanted number of 10,000 bighas was payable from the seventh to the twelfth year. , applying to the Court of Wards for extension of the period of the license on the ground that as the result of war conditions, new and unexpected difficulties bad cropped up and that to achieve the purpose of the license, is was necessary to extend the period of six years fixed therefor.

That was what happened in the Coal Control Case('); the Order itself was struck down and not the executive action taken by virtue of the unrestricted powers conferred by that law. These are the salient features of the license as revised by the document dated 23-11-1917. Previous to the extant policy, FL-1 licences i. , when a person authorizes another to sign for him, the signature of the person so signing is the signature of the person authorizing it". It was then provided that if within this extended period the licensee took a lease or leases of mines of the extent of at least 10,000 bighas, then the period of the license would be extended by a second term of 12 years; i.

It may also be relevant to mention that the State of Kerala made a futile foray into prohibition, but this was withdrawn in 1967. , and the question ultimately is, what in the context do the words of the enactment mean? But apart from such exceptions, the law is well settled that whatever a person can do himself, he can do through an agent. While under the prospecting license dated 26-3-1915 a minimum ground rent of Rs.

Under this deed, the period of license was extended in the first instance from 6 to 12 years; that is to say, it would expire on 26-3-1927 instead of on 26-3-1921 as originally fixed.