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Considerations To Know About Lawyer in Chandigarh

by Georgina Chester (2018-10-24)

2013 amending certain provisions of the Waqf Act, 1995 including Section 83(4) of the Act. Learned counsel then submitted that in any case so long as the State Government by notification in the official Gazette does not constitute a Tribunal as per amended Section 83(4) of the Act, the Single Member Tribunal shall continue to determine and Advocates decide the matters referred to it under Section 83(1) of the Act. Cold rolled sheet can be produced in Advocates various conditions such as skin-rolled, quarter hard, full hard depending on how much cold work has been performed.

We have had occasion to consider this question in Pipraich Sugar Mills Ltd. So also if the period commences after the beginning of the reopening day, but extends either next academic year/years the period up to the first vacation shall be approved on daily wages only which does not take away Advocates the right of the managers of the aided schools to appoint teachers in vacancies that may arise by way of promotion, death, resignation, etc. Temper is the state or a condition of a metal as to its hardness or toughness produced by either thermal treatment or heat treatment and quench or cold working or a combination of same in order to bring the metal to its specified consistency.

All schools shall be closed for the summer vacation every year on the last working day on March and reopened on the first working day of June unless otherwise notified by the Director. Thus, showing faultness of the memory in the case of such a witness would be another object of cross- examining and contradicting him by a party calling the witness. Restriction is only with respect to the minimum tenure/period for a new appointee to become a Rule 51-A claimant, that is the object and purpose of sub-rule (3) of Rule 7-A read with the proviso to Rule 51-A of Chapter XIV-A of the KER.

Cold rolling is a process by which the sheet metal or strip is introduced between rollers and then compressed and squeezed. the reopening of the school after summer vacation to the closing day for summer vacation, the appointment shall be made only on daily-wage basis. In short, the rule prohibiting a party to put questions in the manner of cross- examination or in a leading form to his own witness is relaxed not because the witness has already forfeited all right to credit but because from his antipathetic altitude or otherwise, the court feels that for doing justice, his evidence will be more fully given, the truth more effectively extricated and his credit more adequately tested by questions put in a more pointed, penetrating and searching way.

This cold working (hardness) is often called temper, although this has nothing to do with heat treatment temper. We are not concerned with any presumed intention of the legislature; our task is to get at the intention as expressed in the statute. In this respect learned counsel submitted that the Andhra Pradesh High Court, Gujarat High Court and Kerala High Court have uniformly taken a view that so long as the State Government has not constituted a Three Member Tribunal in terms of the amendment in Section 83(4) of the Act, a Single Member Tribunal is competent to decide the questions referred to it.

Let us now see how far that meaning fits in with the language used. The amount of strain introduced determines the hardness and other material properties of the finished product. For the purpose of clause (1)- A person shall not be deemed to be disqualified if he has paid the arrears or the sum referred to in clause (i) of this sub-section, prior to the day prescribed for the nomination of candidates; There is no doubt that when the Act itself provides a dictionary for the words used, we must look into Advocates that dictionary first for an interpretation of the words used in the statute.

What is the ordinary, accepted notion of retrenchment in an industry ? " It is true that these observations were made in connection with a case where the retrenchment took place in 1951, and we specially left open the question of the correct interpretation of the definition of 'retrenchment' in s. Therefore, we propose first to examine the language of the definition and see if the ordinary, accepted notion of retrenchment fits in, squarely and fairly, with the language used.

By the said amendment the Tribunal which was already functioning under the principal Act was continued since no fresh notification constituting Three Member Tribunal was issued. Till a fresh notification is issued, the One Member Tribunal shall continue to function. But the observations do explain the meaning of retrenchment in its ordinary acceptation. Academic year shall be deemed to commence on the reopening day and terminate on the last day before the summer vacation.

It was submitted that the Waqf Act, 1995 was amended and the notification to that effect was issued on 20. Cold- rolled metal is given a temper rating based on the degree it was compressed. Rule 1 of Chapter VII says 1. Learned counsel submits that in terms of amended Section 83(4) of the Act, the State Government shall have to issue a fresh notification in the official gazette constituting Three Members Tribunal.

As per Steel dictionary, cold rolling means rolling metal at a temperature below the softening point of the metal to create strain hardening (work-hardening). Pipraich Sugar Mills Mazdoor Union (1) where we observed:"But retrenchment connotes in its ordinary acceptation that the business itself is being continued but that a portion of the staff or the labour force is discharged as plusage and the termination of services of all the workmen as a result of the closure of the business cannot therefore be properly described as retrenchment.

If the departure from the prior statement is not deliberate but is due to faulty memory or a like cause, there is every possibility of the witness veering round to his former statement. It is the same as cold reduction, except that the working method is limited to rolling. The Notification dated 10-6-2008 only says that if the period of appointment does not cover one academic year i.