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Hearing Loss Protocol

by Jerome Princy (2020-04-07)

Follow the below mentioned Hearing Loss Protocol Review tips and I can assure that you can definitely bid adieu to tinnitus or the ringing of ears. First of all let me talk about some of the causes for this ringing. The buzzing sound in the ears can be due to following loud noise or music continuously. If you are suffering from any kind of anxiety, stress or depression, this may also arouse the noise inside your ears. Undertaking any kind of wrong medication in the past or having some deficiency of minerals and vitamins, past injury in the ear or even formation of wax inside the ear, lack of proper exercise and also improper diet can trigger the ringing inside the ears. Cure for ringing ears is no longer a dream but a reality! Maintaining a proper and well balanced diet by including lots of green vegetables, fruits, vitamins and zinc will really help you to keep your immune system very strong and will also maintain your body pressure thereby silencing the ringing! Avoid eating lots of sugar and salt, even saturated and dairy products as these may only exaggerate the disease even more. Drink lots of water. Practice meditation and yoga for at least 20mins each day. Listen to white music, a kind of soft and instrumental music, which will divert your mind and the ringing will also be clogged. You can also go for homeopathic medicines as it has no side effects. Massaging your neck with cloth dipped in warm water will prove to be very beneficial and lastly make sure that you get sound sleep for at least 6 hours per day.