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Concerned Patriot

by Alisa Princy (2020-04-03)

Believe it or not there Concerned Patriot Review are ways to give yourself the best chance of not becoming the next statistic in the local crime figure directory. Give yourself the edge, staying safe as you travel around attending to your business or social life. Just follow a few basic personal safety tips and you increase your chance of staying safe. Learn how to defend yourself the smart way, wherever possible. Walk upright and look around as you walk along, be alert. If you look switched on and aware, chances are you will be left alone. They will look for an easier target. Listen for noises near to you e.g:- people coming close to you, it probably is an innocent person just going about their business but you are Aware! Try to avoid listening to your iPod or Mp3 especially at night, how can you be aware when you have blocked your hearing and attention diverted elsewhere. Not to mention the dangers of cars etc. It is good to have a mobile phone with you, but do not to have a lengthy conversation whether real or stage managed to try and show people you are connected. Again this diverts your attention away from staying aware. When at all possible always tell family or friends where you are going and what time to expect you back, this is not as some people seem to think an invasion of your privacy. Its basic safety common sense. Always stay where people are around and in well lighted streets, Avoid going down back alleys or empty industrial estates, you get the picture. Prevention is number one when learning how to defend yourself. If you feel you are in danger of being followed, go to the nearest door. Knock hard and shout, noise and attention are the last things a would be mugger or rapist wants. Never go to the house of a person you have just met, meet in a neutral place where people are around and you are highly visible. Get to know them first and see the address they give you, is their real home. Maybe ask for a phone number and check it in the book.