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Wildfit Quest

by Mathew John (2020-03-31)

If you did keep with it and reach your goal by the Wildfit Quest Review wedding/gala/event, shortly after, you slip into your old habits. Before you know it you're worse off than when you started. What happened? You tried to get healthy for the wrong reasons. If you really want to get fit and healthy, you need to have the right mindset.Here's the issue at hand: you really don't want to be fit or eat healthy, you want to fit in that dress or those pants. You aren't thinking about your back pain, or always feeling tired. You aren't thinking about being able to keep up with your kids or go hiking on the weekend. The focus is on inches and pounds. In the great words of Yoda, "that is why you fail."Now for some, focusing on losing some inches or pounds helps, and they actually keep their goals once they reach them. But I have seen far more often than not people going into fitness and dieting with these sorts of goals and fail time and time again. However, when I hear people say they want more energy, to play with their kids, or to do something they couldn't before (like a 5k), they are far more likely to succeed.