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Dream Sculpting

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-28)

Deal with your unresolved traumas Dream Sculpting Review with an excellent therapist and heal everything you are able to using this means. Think of it this way - those experiences have already robbed you of much too much great living. Don't collude in allowing the robbery to go on and on. Often the perpetrator of our suffering is long dead -- sometimes for 10, 20, 30, 4, 50 or even many more years. Think about it. You are letting them continue to destroy your life as you get closer to the grave. Where's the logic in that? This is simply a short introduction to how we use the story of a trauma to continue our injury. These are just a few ideas to potentially set you on the path to freedom from continuing to suffer from the trauma. Your life is too important to waste in suffering. I've been very fortunate throughout life to learn many lessons and have many experiences that have shown me the many aspects of life. Encounters with all types of people have taught me many of life's subtle lessons. Many of those lessons have served me in one or two instances. Many more have overcome and carried me throughout my life. This is one of those lessons that was handed down to me by one of my former scout leaders and mentors: The 7 P's to Success. He gave me the 7 P's, and left me to figure them out as I walked through life. He told me that in time, you will be able to figure out their meaning. He left me to ponder upon these 7 words, which I have never forgotten them and try to apply them the best I can on a daily basis. Now, about 15 years after he handed them down to me, I dare to expand and elaborate upon them after much thought, pondering, prayer, reflection and my own toil and hard work.