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by Mathew John (2020-03-24)

The simplest thing would be to get at least StrictionD Review 30 minutes exercise every day so that you can achieve a lower weight as exercise has a great beneficial effect on insulin levels and consequently blood sugar levels. TV watching can be reduced as 'couch potatoes' are more at risk of having diabetes. Sitting on the sofa to enjoy the latest sitcom is not active at all and people tends to snack as well. Instead one could go out for a walk or do a dance or just play around with the children or grandchildren.People with a history of diabetes in the family, or a gestational diabetes baby, an overweight baby, persons with high blood pressure or those with a history of heart problems are at increased risk and must definitely make simple lifestyle changes in order to prevent diabetes. If one has been diagnosed for prediabetes, it is a clear warning that action must be taken soon. If you have a fasting blood sugar level of 126, it means you have diabetes. Others have less than 100 which is normal. Those who are in between have prediabetes and are at risk. The most recommended way in this case could be doing some simple exercises like walking thirty minutes daily. Even a 5 % weight reduction can drastically reduce diabetes risk and act as a preventive measure.