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Derma Correct

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-17)

Stretch marks, get a lot Derma Correct Review of coverage today in the media, because they affect such a large portion of individuals. In fact, it has been reported that this as much as 90% of pregnant women will likely get them. Given the fact that they are such self-esteem killers, there is a widespread yearning to find a permanent treatment for them. While sudden or rapid weight gain is still the leading cause of developing stretch marks, there are also other factors at play. These include such things as hormonal changes during puberty, which can trigger sudden growth. Also, bodybuilders and weight trainers, who put on muscle mass very rapidly, often see these little scars as a reward for their efforts. Still there is no denying that the most common reason for their development is pregnancy. Just be clear that it is by no means simply a women's issue. The sooner one gets started treating or preventing stretch marks, the easier they are to manage. Women with naturally dry skin will be more apt to develop them more severely. This does not let other women off the hook however, it simply means that these individuals must be more diligent. Regardless of your skin type, keeping it well hydrated early on in your pregnancy is the first step to minimize the severity of any stretch marks or to prevent getting them altogether. Once they have formed it may be difficult to remove them completely. This is why prevention is so important. Stretch marks are formed when the skin is pulled beyond its limits. Increasing this limit, or the amount of stretching your skin can endure, will be very helpful. Regardless of what caused them they can be very embarrassing or a source of anxiety. While there are no physical health risks associated with having them, the impact that they can have on someone's quality of life can still be quite extreme.