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The Dark First Days of Separation

by Andie Palmer (2018-11-21)

Guest blogger mom-on-the-edge says: He might be moving out, but I don't want him to forget me. 

My husband was moving out. I didn't want to watch him pack up his stuff, too painful, so I took my son and we went to my sister's. But, first, I filled a bag of my favorite photos and left them on the table with a loving note. I was afraid "out of sight, out of mind."

That's when the waterworks started. I could not stop crying. As I drove on the highway, I wished I had windshield wipers for my eyes. Our couples counselor suggested I embrace the inevitable depression. He said it would last for a year. I have an 11-month-old son; I can't cry more than him, and he's teething! I had to buck up. See the bright side...

If you ever want to lose weight, forget about dieting. Who needs Jenny Craig? Pshaw to Weight on the verge of divorce, and the pounds will just melt away. I hadn't been this skinny since I was 22. My family was concerned I was too thin, so they took me out to lunch. I ordered with tears streaming down my face. I turned to my mom and said, "I can't even order a roast beef sandwich without crying!" She said, "Oh, you'll have a lot of food memories. You'll just have to make new ones." It wasn't about the roast beef. She made me laugh...

A couple of days passed, and still no call from my husband. I suppose this WAS a separation--but the complete lack of communication only fueled my imagination. Did he meet someone new? Were they busy exploring each other's bodies? Was this bitch gonna be my baby's stepmama? I cried.

After a few days, I headed back home and there on the table was the bag of photos. He never took them. I broke down and that's when I finally called...

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