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When does a proto star become a star

by Cesar De Salis (2019-08-17)

Well,a proto star is a new star.So whena new star forms the other star is no longer a proto star.

What temperature does hydrogen fuse at?
The temperature at which hydrogen fuses is 10,000,000 degrees Kelvin. This is the minimum temperature the core of a proto star has to have to become a true star.

How does a cloud of hydrogen become a star?
The gravity of the cloud causes the cloud to collapse to a center (the proto star). As the hydrogen condenses into the star, the gravitational energy released cause the center to heat up and this heat together with the weight of the overlying hydrogen provides an environment in the core of the proto star in which the nuclear fusion of the hydrogen into helium can occur. This fusion is one in which mass is converted...

What is a young star called?
A starlet? : P A forming star is called a proto-star.

Protostar will turn into what kind of star?
That depends on the mass of the proto-star.

What causes the heat to grow in a proto-star?
Compression. Whenever anything is compressed, it heats up. In a proto-star, clouds of hydrogen gas are compressed by gravitational attraction, and the compression heats the gas.

What is a proto-planetary disk?
A disk of gas ad dust that forms round a proto-star as the star coalesces at the center and from which planets accurate. The related links below give more information.

How long does it take to make a star?
Normally millions if not billions of years BUT there is a point in which a Proto-Star, which is a mass of condensing gases on it way to becoming a star, but only gives off heat through friction and not fusion, Becomes a Star. Once this process starts, it takes normally about 150,000 years from Proto to full blown Star.

What determines if a protostar becomes a star?
The simple answer is gravity .... a proto star is the begining of the life cycle of star , read the info in the related link below

What is the dense center of a stellar nebula after it spins into a disk shape?
A "proto-star".

Matter from a nebula that has begun to condense?
Matter from nebula that condense make proto star.

What two elements are involved when a proto-star becomes a star?
Primarily hydrogen, the most common element in the universe. When a cloud of hydrogen starts collapsing under its own gravity, it can (if nothing disturbs it) collapse into a proto-star, or "pre-star". If there's enough mass, the central pressure and temperature will increase as everything falls together, and eventually hydrogen fusion will begin. This is when the star is born, when the hydrogen begins fusing into helium.

A mass of gas in space made hot by nuclear reactions?
A 'proplid', or a proto-stellar object, often called a proto-star, and some believe (as I do) that 'Herbig-Haro Objects', are newly formed stars. At any rate, a star is a mass of gas in space made hot by nuclear reactions.

What is the current theory of the formation of your solar system and explain the theory briefly?
Our Solar System Formed from the remnants of a star wich went supernovae (at least approx 5 billion years ago) the dust from that star started to condense (due to the passing another star or some other mechanism), spinning counter-clockwise, the pressure at the center of this cloud became great enough to start a process know as nuclear fussion (triple alpha process) creating a proto-star, wich was significantly dimmer and smaller than todays Sol. The...

Who named the protostar and why?
No one. It comes from the Greek - proto - meaning first. So first star - a protostar.

What are proto oncogenes called when they mutate and become cancer causing genes?
They are called oncogenes.

Will there ever be more planets?
In the words of my physics teacher 'Not in your lifetime!' Planets form from a disk of dust and gas when the star is just a proto-star. Planets cannot form after the star has been formed.

Why is protosun not a star?
Answer A proto star hasn't accumulated enough mass for the thermo-nuclear reacton to start, which would make it a star. To add to the above answer, most of the light that a protostar produces is due to the pressure from gravity. -Phil

What does the prefix of proto mean?
proto is the prefix proto is the prefix

Is the sun a proto star?
No our Sun is a fully formed Star. A Protostar is gas that is still acreeting matter (still collecting via gravtaional rotation) to form a star. And as a result they are not very bright as they have not condensed enough to start Nuclear Fusion.

How do you become a music star on Movie Star Planet?
how to become a music star on msp

How many years does it take for a star to form?
Once the gases start to coalesce and produce heat and light from friction, rather fusion (This is called a Proto-Star). That generally lasts about 150,000 years then nuclear fusion starts and a true star is formed.

How do you become a tv star?
what i heard to become a tv star or movie star u have to get a manager.

What does it mean when a star goes off the main sequence?
When a star "goes off the main-sequence" it generally means the star has run out of hydrogen fuel and is beginning the post-main-sequence or its end of life phase. The main sequence of a star is the time where it is no longer just a proto-star but is burning hydrogen as a primary source of fuel.

Can you fuse 3 proto cyber cyber dragons to become a cyber end dragon?
Cyber End Dragon needs three cards called 'Cyber Dragon'. That means to use Proto Cyber Dragons, they need to be face-up on the field. Then their names are changed to Cyber Dragon, and videos de musica sonidera you can use them in the fusion. Otherwise, while in hand, they are still Proto Cyber Dragons, and can't be used while there.

How does a nebula go from a nebula to a black hole?
The first step in the process from nebula to black hole is the collapse of the nebula under the pressure of gravity to form a proto-star. The forces acting on the star will have to be high enough to start hydrogen fusion, and given the size a star needs to be to end it's life as a black hole there may be heavier element fusion. When the star has reacted all available fuel it will...

How do you become a five star trainer?
You have to become a five star trainer first

What brings the gas in a nebula together to form a star?
Gas coalesces in a nebula to form a proto star by the force of gravity. It can take an extremely long time, but new stars are created all the time out of the remains of old ones.

How did rome come about?
It was though the coming together of several proto-urban settlements on neighbouring hill, the hills that were to become the seven hills of Rome.

What is the difference between stars that become white dwarfs and stars that become neutron stars?
A star that becomes a white dwarf simply does not have the mass to become a neutron star. White dwarfs are the the remnants of a star very similar to our own sun in mass, where it takes a much more massive star to create a neutron star, Like the star Betelgeuse is a prime example of a star that does not have the mass to become a black hole but is massive enough to...

What does the root word proto?
Proto means first

What evolutionary stage a star become a dwarf?
after the star dies it has the potential to become a dwarf

What is proto type. explain with example.?
a proto-type is a model basiclly like a dress that is drawn that is a proto-type

What would be the definition of the word 'Proto'?
The word "Proto" means to signify a early, first in order or ranking. For example protomorphic. "Proto" used in a primitive form for example protoplast or prototype.

Why do some star become white dwarfs and other become neutron star or black holes?
it all depends on the mass of the star. if the star is more than 4 times massive than the sun, it will become a black hole, if it is less, it will become something else.

The birth of a small star and a very massive star are the same but the end of their life is very different Describe the difference in the fate of a small star and a very massive star?
The difference between the death of a small star and a massive star is what the become afterwards. A small star will typically become a red dwarf while a large star will become a neutron star or a black hole.

What is the Sanskrit word for 'is'?
You can use asti(singular)/santi(plural) (both stem from *h₁es- the proto-Indo-European verb) and bhavati (to become).

What happens to its atoms each time a star goes through a life stage?
Many of the individual atoms remain unchanged throughout the star's life cycle; the hydrogen atoms fall into the proto-star as the star is forming, circulate through the star without participating in a fusion reaction, and are ejected from the star when it expands as a red giant or explodes in a nova. The hydrogen atoms may be incorporated into a new star later on, or may drift in space for ages, or may become bonded...

When was Proto Thema created?
Proto Thema was created in 2005.

When was Proto Motors created?
Proto Motors was created in 1997.

When was Ludovic Proto born?
Ludovic Proto was born in 1965.

When was Frank Proto born?
Frank Proto was born in 1941.

How can you become a rock star?
try with all you've got and you'l become a rock star(^_^)

If Jupiter were to become a star then your solar system would become?
Part of a binary star system.

Is a proto star bigger than a star?
Short answer: Yes The latin root "proto-" means early, or earliest. As a star is an approximately spherical mass of matter undergoing a fusion/fission reaction due to the enormous pressures created at the center of the star due to its massive density. By this logic, we know that a protostar or "early star" is something which isn't yet, but will become a star in the future. By observing the universe and understanding the composition of...

What actors and actresses appeared in El Huaso - 2011?
The cast of El Huaso - 2011 includes: Ana Gabriela Proto as herself Gustavo Guillermo Proto as himself Carlo Guillermo Proto as himself Catarina Medeiros as herself Paulina Proto as herself Daniella Proto as herself

What type of star may become a pulsar?
Only a relatively massive star can become a neutron star (pulsar). Smaller stars become a white dwarf, once they stop producing energy.

What happens when you become a all-star action all-star?
ok so when you become a all star in action allstars you get a free mvp membership for a month

What are some stars that are 10 years old?
I don't believe that any stars are known to be ten years old, mostly because by the time astronomers notice them the youngest are still within the nebula where they formed - and are often believed to be of ages ranging from hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years. For a star to be ten years old, it would have to have been discovered in the act of collapsing into a a proto-star...

How does a proto-oncogene differ from an oncogene?
Compare with a virus: dormant to active, potential to kinetic, potent(ial) to actual. The proto-oncogene may become a cancer-causing oncogene only under very specific conditions and may, under other conditions, just as well lay dormant.

What is the final stage of a star?
a star of about sun's mass will become a white dwarf star and will fade slowly into a black dwarf. a star of sun's 1.4 to 3 time the mass of the sun will become a neutron star. a star of more than 3 times of mass of the sun will become a black hole. hopes its help!!

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