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How do you write stove top hood in spanish

by Mallory Skeyhill (2019-06-20)

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What is the distance between the gas stove top and vent hood?
The distance should be 30 inches between stove top and hood. Read More

share: Standard distance from range hood to stove top?
30 inches... Read More

share: Range hood height gas stove top?
I had the same question. I researched it and it appears that the answer is a minimum of 24" above the stove or between 60" and 75" off the floor. This puts the hood at a comfortable height for the typical user. B.D. Read More

share: What is the recommended installation height for a Viking Hood from floor?
Hood is usually measured in a range of 30 inch min to 36 inch max from the stove top. Hope that helps. Read More

share: What does the distance have to be between the stove top and the stove hood?
40 - 42 inches. Less than 40 inches you could bang your head on it, if you're tall. More than 42 inches it'll be less effective. Range tops are usually set at 34 - 36 inches so overall height to the hood is 6' 2" to 6' 6". If you are taller than this the range top and hood both will probably need to be raised. Read More

share: When was Stove Top stuffing created?
Stove Top stuffing was created in 1972. Read More

share: Can stove top grill and griddle pans be used on a ceramic stove top?
no Read More

share: How do you replace the glass on a glass top stove?
Who Gets a Glass Top Stove? Read More

share: When using stove top why does the whole top of stove get so hot that you can get burned?
stove top heated the logical reason is that the stove top acts as a heatsink ie it helps prevent the whole cooker body getting too hot Read More

share: Can you convert an electric stove top to a ceramic stove top?
If you mean converting an electric stove with coil burners to a smooth, glass cooktop, the answer is no. Read More

share: Can you use the corning ware on your glass top stove?
Some glass cookware is made for electric stove top use. Those would be safe to use on a glass top electric stove. Read More

share: Where can one buy a stove top popcorn popper?
There are many places where one can purchase a stove top popcorn popper. One can purchase a stove top popcorn popper at popular stores such as Sears and JcPenney. Read More

share: What is the top of a stove made of?
Various materials are used for stove tops. Read More

share: Why is stove top gets hot when using oven?
a stove top is attached to the top of the oven.. the heat goes through. therefore it gets hot. Read More

share: Can class cookware fuse to a glass stove top?
I don't think Glass Cookware can fuse to a glass stove top.... Read More

share: Will wood catch on fire placed on top of a wood stove?
It certainly can if the top of the stove reaches the ignition temp of the wood. Read More

share: Best cleaner for glass top stove?
Scrubbing Bubbles is the best cleaner to use on any stove top surface. Read More

share: How do you cook brownies on a stove top?
All recipes that are called 'Stove top brownies' still call for the batter to be baked in the oven. Read More

share: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a glass stove top?
Overall a glass top stove is a good choice. But, you can only have an electric stove with a glass top, not gas. It is quite easy to clean which is a big positive. Also, heat is evenly distributed to the pot. Read More

share: How to write MY cell phone in Egypt?
go to Google and type how do you say hi in Spanish then click the top selection and change from Spanish to Arabic. Read More

share: What should the distance between stove top and hood be?
Christian Gonzalez The distance should be between 24"-30" but this depend on the manufacture installation requirements some require between 30"-36" Read More

share: How long to cook a 3 lb roast beef on the stove top?
how long do i cook two 2 pound roast on the stove top Read More

share: Can you use copper bottom pot on a glass top stove?
Copper-bottom pots work just fine on a glass-top stove. Read More

share: What can cause a stove fire if nothing is on the stove?
If you have food, grease left in the stove or on the stove top it can catch on fire. Bad wiring can also catch on fire. Read More

share: How do you clean a stove top?
with mr.clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More

share: Can you make crescent rolls on the stove top?
No, you cannot make crescent rolls on the stove top. Crescent rolls are baked, so they have to be cooked in the oven. Read More

share: How do you cook a Turkey on the stove top?
Turn on the stove and cook for 1- 15hrs. Read More

share: Is it dangerous to use a cracked Ceran stove top?
The stove top should not be used in that condition. Depending on the size of the crack, it can be repaired. There are kits in the market place that are used for repairing small cracks for Ceran stove tops. If the stove is continually used in this condition the crack will only get larger. If the crack is too large then the top will need to be replaced. A replacement top can be purchased and... Read More

share: Does more popcorn pop in a microwave or on a stove top?
more popcorns pop on top of a stove only... in microwave many popcorns return unpoped..... but in stove due to manual shaking of vessels more popcorns pops.. Read More

share: Where can you find a 1984 Kira Fournier design stove-top steamer dish with lid?
How much does a Kira Fournier stove top steamer cost Read More

share: Can you use a pressing comb on an electric stove?
Yes, you can use a electric stove. Just place it on top. Read More

share: Is stove top stuffing gluten free?
No. Read More

share: How do you get grease stains off gas stove top?
A way to get grease stains off a any stove top is to use a cleaning appliance such as flash or mr muscle. Read More

share: Where could someone purchase a stove top coffee maker?
There are many stove top coffee pots which one can purchase at many Italian speciality shops. Amazon, Sears, and The Bay also carry a selection of stove top coffee makers. They are commonly used for making espresso coffee. Read More

share: What company makes Stove Top stuffing mix?
Stove Top stuffing mix is a prepackaged mix of stuffing that one cooks on the stove with water and a fat, typically butter. It was introduced by General Foods, and is currently manufactured by the Kraft Foods company. Read More

share: When was the stove top kettle invented?
It is believed that kettles were first used by the Mesopotamians in the ancient world. Modern day stove top kettles were first invented sometime in 1893. Read More

share: What mineral is stove top cleaner?
This mineral is Talc Read More

share: Can you cook microwave popcorn on top of the stove?
Yes. Read More

share: How many watts does a stove top use?
all of them Read More

share: How do you turn on a frigidaire stove top?
it's not possible... Read More

share: What is a flambe trolley?
It is a mobile stove top for catering Read More

share: Origin of la plancha method of cooking?
La Plancha has its origin in Spanish cooking. La Plancha cooking means cooking on a hot metal plate. These plates are sometimes built into a stove top. Read More

share: How do you Clean a black stove top?
To clean a black stove top you can use a Magic Eraser, which removes stains but also does not scratch the surface. You can then finish off with Windex to remove streaks. Read More

share: Can you replace a standard gas stove top burner with a larger diameter one?
The burner is usually fitted to the hole or space in the stove top. Difficult if not impossible to put a larger one in. Read More

share: How do you install an electric cook top into an antique cast iron stove?
i need info on how to conect the wirin ,on an electric cook stove. the wires on the stove are red green and black Read More

share: How long does it take to cook raw smoked turkey legs on the stove top?
Raw smoked turkey legs can be cooked on a stove top. It usually takes about 15 minutes for them to be fully cooked. Read More

share: What is the difference between a stove and oven?
The stove is where the burners are usually on top where you boil stuff the oven is where you bake stuff has a door that you open Read More

share: Rangehood distance to stove top?
about 40-42 inches. Read More

share: What cookware works best on ceramic top stove?
applesauce Read More

share: What does friture mean?
Deep frying on top of stove (in fat) Read More

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