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by Pasquale Oaks (2019-04-28)

And that it shares all the elements of our mission with the rest of the campus. Wiley says he has been and overwhelmed by the volume of cards, letters, flowers, books and e mail he received before and after his selection as chancellor. He thanks all of his well wishers, and says he has a message for everyone who has written him..

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Where the NCAA fails a bit is that it more or less a monopoly. Yes, high school basketball players could go play in Europe or China if they wanted to for a year, but they don have a ton of options past that with the current NBA rules. I don know what the solution is, but I do know that you simply cannot allow and entity to spend 500 million dollars on a stadium then show up and say, the seats are filled, I generate revenue without understanding all the costs and other things associated with that, nor be willing to address what you do when you are part of a program that doesn generate revenue past expenses! Right now an athletic scholarship is approaching 100k in some cases when you factor in tuition, room and board, food, free tutoring, free media training, access to private health clubs, free medical care, travel for your family, up to a 4k stipend a year, free media coaching, unlimited exposure to future endorsement and branding deals and much more.

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