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Samsung F210 – Great upgrades from Samsung!

by Clifton Piguenit (2019-04-28)

Mobile phones are upgraded at regular intervals by the companies manufacturing and designing the same. Leading handset manufacturers take into account the customer feedback as well as industry trends to create better and more user-friendly mobile handsets. The Samsung F210 can be cited as a case in point. The Samsung F210 is an improved version of a mobile phone handset from Samsung which is the Samsung X830. Another Samsung mobile phone that is comparable to the Samsung F210 is the Samsung F200.


Samsung F210 comes in an unusual format. The design of the handset is such that a casual observer would not think that it is a mobile phone, on the first glance. The form factor is slim; the pixel display is excellent; and the Samsung F210 looks more like a compact media player than anything else.


Samsung F210 comes with a rotator mechanism just like its predecessor. The number pad of the Samsung F210 is however more conventional. The memory constraints of the previous models are also done away with. The Samsung F210 handset comes with 1 GB of internal memory with microSD card support, that makes using the handset all the more pleasurable. Users now do not have to worry unnecessarily about space constraints. There is quite a lot of space to store and manage the different types of mobile content.


Samsung F210 can be used to listen to music files in different file formats such as MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA plus various types of DRM. The handset also comes with a 2 mega-pixel digital camera that can be used to capture beautiful moments for recall. The handset is Bluetooth compatible and comes with stereo audio connections.


Samsung F210 is also a tri-band tour lệ giang giá rẻ GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz handset with GPRS data, Java and a WAP browser. The handset is light in weight, which makes carrying it all the more easy and tour shangrila manageable. Overall, the Samsung F210 is a great upgrade from Samsung.