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by Corey Labelle (2019-04-25)

If you don have the former you probably going to get the latter, especially with well travelled National Hockey League veterans who have heard it all and often seen it all.One of the good news stories flying under the radar with the Vancouver Canucks impressive 6 3 1 start is how the club rookie head coach is pushing all the right buttons.It not just balancing lines, adjusting on the fly and measuring minutes so nobody is over taxed. It the manner in which Green is getting through to veterans with a frank communication style.It reminiscent of what he experienced in playing for the late legendary bench boss Al Arbour after breaking in with the New York Islanders in the 1992 93 season.And whether you trying to reach a wily veteran like Thomas Vanek on some level, there has to be more than a resume that includes 970 career games as an NHL centre and being a successful WHL and AHL could tell with Al if you had a good game or a bad game by being in games where you won 5 2 or 6 2 and maybe you didn have a good game, Green recalled Friday. The back of your mind you kind of wonder if the coach knew.had a way of making sure you knew, whether it was saying hi to the guy beside you and not to you.

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