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by Lakeisha Moran (2019-04-25)

The teachers and Principal were either unable or unwilling to stop this bullying. I would wager, the little brats were from wealthy families, and the school administration didn want to punish the real culprits, for fear of losing the almighty dollar. These cowardly individuals didn want to stand up for what right, and for that they should be damned!I wore plaid skirts.

Hate to give them the satisfaction of saying it a tough one, but it really is, right tackle Perry Dorrestein said. Being my last year, I won get another shot at them. It tough. Ok I hadn looked at the Fawcett society and figured they were American because you used them as an example to counter an American Wage Gap statistic. However I looked into the Fawcett society just now and their argument says nothing about the 76% (Actually about 78%) on the dollar statistic that you combated at with to make your initial argument because its a British group. Your statement about it being hourly (for Fawcett) is accurate however, using a completely separate study than the one being reference initially doesn do anyone any good..

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