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by Randi Bronner (2019-04-25)

wholesale jerseysHowever I would like to add one caveat some contemporary Asian societies give perfect examples of cyberpunk dystopic motifs and predictions becoming real in a way and magnitude which to me seem incomparable to the so called "West" (archaic category in itself, by the way), probably due to the rate of economic development and political factors in the region. Chinese surveillance state embracing high tech (facial recognition, neural networks, social credit system) to impose even greater control over society; Singaporean contrasts between the skylines of the rich and coffin sized habitats of the strugling poor; Korean government trying to manage the problem of teens and adults suffering and even dying from video games addiction; Hindu kids poisoning themselves while dismantling old electronics on massive scrapheaps. All of these obviously do not encompass rich and diverse Asian cultures, and also have little to do with retrofuturistic blue and pink neon aesthethic, but they definitely could be recognized as close to the "high tech, low life" core of the genre.Spiritofchokedout 0 points submitted 7 hours agoIt is important to avoid normalizing how breathtakingly, openly incompetent and corrupt Trump is compared to literally any other President in history.

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