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by Moises Vallejo (2019-04-25)

It takes someone who can talk to you about the people the couple are and frame their words to fit those people. They need to have the charisma to keep an audience attention and ability to project their voice. In the best case, it is someone who already knows you both and has experience making weddings work..

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Bob was an avid golfer and winner of the infamous "Merchantville Cup". He loved swimming and softball as well as cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers. Bob also enjoyed fishing and listening to country music. "Decades ago, we used to have a rope swing on Pickerel Lake," said Doug Vanderwell, the Executive Director at Camp Roger. "It was a favorite of our campers. It was an intimidating challenge, but they learned to push each other, encourage each other, and conquer their fears.

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Hairston was found in a vehicle on Northside Drive. He is charged with felony counts of attempted murder, shooting a firearm from a vehicle, and shooting into an occupied dwelling. He's also charged with misdemeanor counts of reckless handling of a firearm, discharging a firearm in the city, and two counts of transporting a firearm while being the subject of a protective order..

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