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by Jamal Tomkinson (2019-04-25)

Off the field of play, the Le Ch programme continues apace for all interested coaches in the club. Following on a very interesting and valuable session with Paudie O'Neill (member of Tipperary senior cheap jerseys hurlers backroom team), the club's Orlaith Curran is determined to maintain the high level of interest with further engaging sessions. The next coming this Tuesday night.

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House members from many districts outside of the northeast are in districts that are gerrymandered so severely, in terms of favoring their candidacies, and are so filled with hardcore, partisan voters, that the least hint of a willingness to compromise or to give a hearing to an alternate point of view, even if those members were to entertain such notions, is regarded a potential treason and can bring on a primary challenge; that's the so called Freedom Caucus, whose members have no impetus to agree to anything short of everything they demand. And then you have those 18 or so relative moderates, mostly from states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, representing districts that are not nearly so weighted to the Republican side, who cannot support bills such as the one proposed because A) it would mean their almost certain defeat in 2018, and B) it would genuinely harm large swathes of their constituents. And the behavior of their leadership has made it impossible for Democrats to even consider working with them in any way.

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