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Popular altcoin cryptocurrencies

by Tahlia Trigg (2019-04-24)

how to make money with btcPopular altcoin cryptocurrencies
Many cryptocurrencies simply try to replicate bitcoin’s success, while many more go their own way by creating completely different coins. Traditionally, all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin were known as "altcoins", but today bitcoin is just one cryptocurrency among many.

Here are just a handful of popular cryptocurrencies to help you get a sense of what’s out there.

Ether (ETH), or Ethereum. Ethereum was specifically created to utilize the potential of blockchain technology by introducing "smart contracts". These allow for foolproof and 100% trustworthy automation of computer tasks without any third party required.
Ripple (XRP). Ripple was developed by a privately owned company with the specific purpose of facilitating international money transfers. It allows for extremely quick and cheap movement of actual value around the world, almost instantly. It’s being used by banks, money transfer services and multinational companies to make international payments a lot cheaper and quicker.
Dogecoin (DOGE). This coin was based on a meme and created to be a joke. It was mostly how to get rich on cryptocurrency tip people on the Internet and never taken seriously. It still grew in value and built a market cap of more than a billion dollars, though.
Golem (GNT). In simple terms, Golem uses blockchain technology to let almost anyone turn their home PC into a supercomputer on demand. It does this by assembling and monetizing a worldwide supercomputer network made up of phones and home PCs. Blockchain technology means this can be done with complete security and safety for all involved.
Monero (XMR) Monero was designed to be a completely secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency trading that lets anyone make completely untraceable and anonymous payments as needed.
IOTA (IOTA). An extremely ambitious project, IOTA wants how to get rich on cryptocurrency become the currency of the "Internet of things" and the next generation that comes after the blockchain. It aims to create a global machine-to-machine network of connected systems, allowing microtransactions and seamless communication between all kinds of devices. Someday you might use IOTA how to make money with btc pay a stranger for their parking spot if you’re in a hurry, top up your phone battery by quickly buying someone else’s excess power and a whole lot more.