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Lawyer in Chandigarh Fundamentals Explained

by Numbers Fetherstonhaugh (2018-10-26)

State: Sumitra Devi v. 2 herein and culminated on the date of the death of the deceased would Advocates go a long way to show that she was harassed, maltreated and was subjected to cruelty soon before her death for and in connection with the demands for dowry. The trial court has made no attempt to support its conclusions with reference to any statutory rules or 678 precedents. Section 57, of the Bombay Police Act, 1951 provides that if a person has been Advocates convicted of certain offences detailed therein, "the Commissioner, the District Magistrate or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate specially empowered by the State Government in this behalf, if he has reason to believe that such person is likely again to engage himself in the commission of an offence similar to that for which he was convicted, may direct such person to remove himself outside the area within the local limits of his jurisdiction, by such route and within such time as the said officer may prescribe and not to enter or return to the area from which he was directed to remove himself".

This is direct authority for the position that trial for purposes of s. 90(2) that the Tribunal had the power to pass the order in question under 0. " Now, with regard to the form of the petition, it seems to me that it sufficiently follows the spirit and intention of the rules; and no injustice can be done by its generality, because ample provision is made by the rules to prevent the respondent being surprised or deprived of an opportunity of a fair trial, by an order for such particulars as the judge may deem reasonable.

55,030 is allowable as a bad debt under the provisions of section 10(2)(xi) of the Indian Income-tax Act". It must be mentioned that the rule relating to the payment of capitation fee discussed above was again modified by the management as a result of the decision of the High Court of Madhya Bharat in Rustam Mody v. (1) is required by the Government for administrative purposes, the Trust shall transfer the same to the Chief Commissioner upon payment of all costs incurred by the Trust in acquiring, reclaiming or developing the same, together with interest thereon at such rate as may be fixed by the Chief Commissioner calculated from the day on which this Act comes into force or from Advocates the date on which such costs were incurred, whichever is the later.

At the instance of the respondent the Tribunal stated a case to the High Court under section 66(1) of the Act and referred the following question for its decision:- "Whether on the facts found the sum of Rs. (2) If any immovable property, held by the Trust under sub- s. I think, therefore, it would be quite useless to require anything further to be stated in the petition than appears here. Jaswant Singh (1) goes far to conclude the question in favour of the respondent. A similar decision was given in the Greenoch Election Case, a report of which is given in a footnote at page 150 of Beal v.

He further submitted that the accused had created such a vicious and charged atmosphere in the matrimonial home that Kavita (since deceased) started picking up the ideas of committing suicide. Turning next to the authorities, the decision of this Court in Jagan Nath v. In that case, a petition to set aside an election was filed without impleading one of the candidates, Baijnath, (1)[1954] S. 892, 390 who had been nominated but had withdrawn -from the contest. Under the heading " Future Jurisdiction " the following significant passage occurs:- At this stage, if the suggestion is accepted that the, Trust should own and run the market at least until it is firmly established, and in view of the fact that Government are -the sole owners of the land, no difficulty is anticipated due to divided territorial jurisdiction of the two local authorities and no change is proposed.

But this Court repelled this contention, and held on a review of the provisions of the Act including s. It was further submitted that the deceased was so much depressed as a result of cruelty/harassment meted out to her at the hands of the appellants that she developed the suicidal tendencies. " With reference to the alternative prayer, it was held that an order that Advocates the particulars be furnished three days prior to the trial was a proper one to be passed.

The lower appellate court has disposed of this question in these words:- "Now it is conceded before us that there is no evidence to support the observation made by the learned trial Judge, that the services were temporarily dispensed with by the government. If therefore,the Record of Rights show that the full assessment is being levied in respect of these lands, and that services are not required to be performed and they are described as Japti Sanadi Inam lands, meaning thereby that they were once Sanadi lands, but in respect of which there has been resumption by the Government, the conclusion must inevitably follow that these lands have ceased to be lands held on Sanadi tenure and are held in ordinary occupancy rights".

90(2) includes the stages prior to the hearing of the petition, and the word I procedure' therein includes power to pass orders in respect of matters not enumerated in s.