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Getting My Lawyer in Chandigarh To Work

by Numbers Fetherstonhaugh (2018-10-22)

2015 with entitlement to full salary and other permissible emoluments for the entire period till reinstatement. "These general words cannot be read in their apparent generality. The argument on behalf of the Appellants pertaining to impermissibility of sub-classification on the grounds that Section 15C of the Abkari Act creates a composite class of public places is not acceptable to us. Since the appellants service was disturbed by superannuating him w.

In this view of the matter, the High Court dismissed the appeal filed by Sciemed and imposed costs of Rs. The appellant shall also be entitled to all consequential benefits on the basis of such promotion. Placing a moratorium on all hotels other than Five Star hotels, therefore, is not a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution. In the application which the appellants filed on January 24, 1953, for trial of certain questions as preliminary issues, they stated in para 7 as follows: The whole Act was intended to settle doubts which had arisen as to the effect of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, and must be read with reference to the general context.

as a reward for forwarding the application Es. 2015 contrary to our interim order, he shall be deemed to have continued in service without interruption even after 31. The contention of the respondent that the appellants understood the allegation as meaning that they had committed corrupt practices, is not borne out by the record. We see no reason to disagree with this conclusion. In the present case the driver of the vehicle was not responsible for the accident.

1st December, 2012 as this in normal course should have been the time taken for such promotion if the respondent- Director had not passed a wrong order on 17. The Explanation to this Section endeavours to include through iteration all public places. "That, you, Jaswant Singh, while employed as a Patwari, Fatehpur Rajputan habitually accepted or obtained for yourself illegal gratification and that you received in the sum of Rs. (emphasis laid by this Court) Further, in the case of National Insurance Company Ltd.

The newly introduced ňúDistance Rule was also challenged. Its intent and purport is not to exclude some places; it cannot be read as a comprehensive definition; it is more of an illustration. This is done by the Ministry of Tourism, which in turn is further guided by the criteria established in the hospitality trade. On a consideration of the Report, the High Court took the view that Sciemed had given a false affidavit in this Court to the effect that the work was near completion.

At this juncture, it is nobodys case that some hotels ought to have been granted Five Star grade or that the State has prohibited anyone from endeavouring to upgrade their hotels from Four Star to Five Star. The misuse of the vehicle was somewhat irregular though, but not so fundamental in nature so as to put an end to the contract, unless some factors existed which by themselves, had gone to contribute to the causing of the accident. We have already noted that the least amount of sale of alcohol (0.

The respondent does not dispute that the language in which the allegation in para 7(c) is couched does not import that any corrupt practice had, in fact, been committed, but he contends that this defect is merely one of expression, and that the appellants had understood it correctly as meaning commission of corrupt practices by them, which is what the respondent meant to assert. Merely Advocates by lifting a person or two, or even three, by the driver or the cleaner of the vehicle, without the knowledge of the owner, cannot be said to be such a fundamental breach that the owner should, in all events, be denied indemnification.

In Surendra Das, the Writ Petitioner had challenged the denial of an FL-3 license to his Three Star hotel on the basis of the 2011 amendment to Rule 13(3) which restricted fresh licenses to hotels of Four Star and above classifications. It is no doubt true that plead- ings should not be too strictly construed, and that regard should be had to the substance of the Advocates matter and not the form. Even so, what, in substance, is the charge which could be gathered from a general and vague allegation that the appellants " could " enlist the support of Government officials ?

We cannot therefore detect any arbitrariness or capriciousness either in the classification, nay the Advocates unique treatment given by the State to hotels possessing Five Star rating. It should not be forgotten that charges of corrupt practices are quasi-criminal in character, and that the allegations relating thereto must be sufficiently clear and precise to bring home the charges to the candidates; and judged by that standard, the allegation in para 7(c) is thoroughly worthless.

08 per cent) occurs in Five Star hotels, which sale indubitably includes guest Advocates orders in room-service. It is, in our opinion, perfectly justified. The appellant shall be treated to have been appointed by such promotion to the post of Principal w. In the light of these principles, Advocates the Tribunal considering the material on record held that there is no evidence produced by the company to justify any grievance under Section 28. 50 on 19-3-1953 at Subzi Mandi Amritsar from Pal Singh P. 10 lakhs to be deposited with the Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority.