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Everything about Lawyer in Chandigarh

by Numbers Fetherstonhaugh (2018-10-21)

1992, Advocates to Advocates which interim reply was sent on 03. But we do not mind whether he himself works or not. 178 of 1900 on the file of the District Court. In the view of Viscount Simonds, therefore, the Advocates question was one of mixed law and fact. 1992 followed by a detailed Advocates reply on 30. " That under the compromise decree in question the decree- holder has relinquished all her right, title and interest in respect of all the properties left by Ramani Kanta Roy deceased and she having agreed to realise her dues, if any, out of a particular property is not entitled to proceed against the properties sought to be attached simultaneously, keeping the said security alive.

It is stated that before issuance of notification under Section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (for short the Act) objections filed on behalf of respondent No. 3) The premises bearing No. 1904 from Sirigiri Yellaiah, and others, which they sold in discharge of pre-existing mortgage debt to avoid court attachment in O. (1), to have their grounds 'as soon as may be' and there is nothing to prevent the Government from sending their cases together with the grounds and their representations, if any, to the Advisor Board under s.

1987 to the appellants. After the death of Sirigiri Vishwanadham, i. One feature which seems to run through the instances is that, under a contract of service, a man is employed as part of the business, and his work is done as an integral part of the business; A ship's master, a chauffeur, and a reporter on the staff of a newspaper are all employed under a contract of service; but a ship's pilot, a taxi man, and a newspaper contributor are employed under a contract for services.

10/- in addition to payment of property taxes, conservancy and electricity charges etc. (1)' and cannot be postponed for 6 months referred to in section 14. 75/- besides other charges. Persons against whom orders of detention are made with a view to preventing them from acting in any manner prejudicial to the security of the State and with respect to whom' the Government does not consider that it would be' against the public interest to communicate to them the grounds, will be entitled, under sub-s.

1992 and thereafter there were exchange of legal notices ensued between the parties. Development of the second source would require upto a maximum of three years, as the development process involves drawing up of detailed technical specifications and performance criteria based on which the firm has to prepare a detailed design for each and every component to meet the stringent military standards. Since the date of sale, the respondents predecessors continued to occupy the suit premises and thus became the tenants of the appellants predecessors-in- title on a monthly rent of Rs.

It is contended that while quashing the notifications mentioned above, the High Court has erred in not considering the public interest and public purpose over private interest of the respondent/writ petitioner, a private colonizer. However, the respondents stopped paying rent w. 1 NCB seal 11 was affixed and the before benefit of doubt be given to the accused and in support of their contention, they produced the citation 2001 (1) (2) C. There is upto this day no instance that any penholder who is entrusted with a patta, has not turned up to work on it.

The acquisition of subject-land is thus not only in public interest but also to maintain the integral development of the Surajkund Complex in a unified and planned manner. Since the rent was not being paid in spite of repeated requests and demands, a legal notice was sent by the appellants to the respondents on 22. 9-3-692 to 694, Regimental Bazar, Secunderabad (hereinafter referred to as suit premises was purchased jointly by the predecessors of the appellants herein under a registered sale deed dated 28.

Whereas in Sultan Singh (supra), this Court had propounded that a presumption under Section 113-B of the Evidence Act is attracted only in case of suicidal or homicidal death and not in the case of an accidental death, it was proclaimed in Sher Singh (supra) that the harassment and cruelty by the husband has to have a perceptible connection with the dowry demand for his prosecution and punishment under Section 304B IPC.

) wherein effective directions were issued in the year 1996 to protect and maintain the sanctity of the area. , respondents predecessor, his four sons became the tenants and continued to pay monthly rent at the rate of Rs. They can engage others to help them and so they do. It is often easy to recognize a contract of service when you see it, but difficult to say wherein the difference lies. Next though the witnesses deposed that they put NCB seal 12 on the seized articles but as per Ex.

' Therefore, with respect to such persons the grounds' must be supplied 'as soon as may be' under sub-s. The respondents are the grand children of late Sirigiri Vishwanadham, who continued to occupy the suit premises as the tenants of the appellants. The said agreement was incorporated in a book maintained by the appellants predecessors in the regular course of business and was duly signed by the respondents predecessors by way of rent every month.

Panholders are not the workmen of the Company, but are contractors. But be was also prepared to decide the case on the footing that it was a question of fact and observed at pp. under an agreement dated 01. 1 under Section 5A of the Act were duly considered by the authority concerned, and there was no illegality in the acquisition. The impugned order passed by the High Court has been assailed by the appellant, also on the ground that the equity doctrines of promissory estoppel and legitimate expectation were wrongly applied by the High Court in favour of respondent No.

" The material portion of the compromise decree dated December 3, 1946, is as follows: Misappreciation of evidence does not amount to want of evi- dence and unless the evidence can be shown to be irrelevant or inadmissible, the conclusion of the Tribunal cannot be challenged on the ground that it is based on no legal evidence. The men, who are entrusted with pattas, work themselves. Union of India and ors.