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System techniczny budynków mieszkalnych w Hanoi i HCM jest dostarczany przez AEON Delight z zespołem wykwalifikowanych inżynierów i nowoczesnej technologii. Natychmiast skonsultuj się z systemem technicznym budynku.

by Arleen Grice (2019-04-29)

Tech system of apartment structures in Hanoi and HCM by AEON Delight Vietnam is extremely appreciated by customers for quality and commitment. Being marketed in Japan in about 72, AEON Delight is a company that provides extensive infrastructure and equipment management services, and acts as a pioneer in this field..

Expanding its opportunity of activities, when the headquarter is found in Ho Chihuahua Minh City, AEON Pleasure Vietnam little by little conquers national units and customers with services in the international standard, especially is the technical service of YEARS ON END Delight Vietnam.
Professional specialized system of apartment structures in Hanoi and he thong ky thuat toa nha hcm.

Professional technical system of apartment buildings in Hanoi and HCM.
Overview of AEON Delight Vietnam's technological system of apartment complexes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The building engineering system provided by the company will be fully obliged to technological systems such as sanitation systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, air health, heating; not except issues related to transport equipment, types of electrical equipment; as well as robotic construction and control systems.

Accordingly, when you use the technical management service of the supplier, the company will take full responsibility for the regular procedure of all the machines and systems that use the power. in home and the structures. The supplier will designate a 24-hour front workplace staff; regularly monitor and periodically review the procedure of the system. In parallel, provide appropriate improvement measures when it is necessary.

And customers are commercial centers, supermarkets, complexes, offices for rent, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals or houses... completely selectable Tech services AEON Delight Vietnam Male as a mom or dad talisman, an insurance credit card for me.
Precisely what is the special complex approach to the building provided by AEON Joy Vietnam?

Formed and expanded in Japan, then joined up with the Vietnamese market, to be able to quickly integrate and adapt to the monetary growth tendency here, AEON Delight Vietnam has researched and launched 3 main items included in AEON Delight Vietnam Maintenance Service, including:

device procedure management:

Monitoring and checking electrical and normal water pipes Monitoring wastewater treatment; Operating pump system; Functioning fire alarm systems; Procedure of cooling systems (chiller, cooling); Operating escalator system; Operating lighting system.

Repair, review and repair of equipment:

Handling momentary pay out; Operation system maintenance; Protection of pumping system; Protection of fire alarm systems; Maintenance of cooling systems (chiller, cooling); Maintenance of escalator system; Repair of lighting systems; increase the life of the infrastructure.

Offer energy saving solutions:

Applying modern energy saving technology of Japan; comprehensive solution for customers to lower energy consumption (such as normal water, electricity); Comprehensive solution for discounted customers.
Technical system of buildings built by AEON Delight Vietnam is often the first choice.

YEARS ON END Delight Vietnam provides extensive and energy saving steps; providing comprehensive solutions that minimize the price tag on inclusion... In order to ensure your items are operated with a complete stability know-how, there will be no unintended hazards to the city., AEON Pleasure Vietnam always arranges the person in charge of duty or patrol at your facilities. Parallel is to regularly check, record, grasp the conditions and operating status of package; in that area planning to associated with necessary ideas for equipment improvement.

With the method of using modern day saving techniques of Japan, AEON Pleasure Vietnam requires plans to help reduce energy intake in a maximum way but not reduce working quality.

Future values that AEON Delight Vietnam Complex System service will bring for you, surely buyers will feel very accepting. That is to reduce the entire cost of the building's life cycle as well as improve the value of the house.

To use AGES Delight's Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City apartment building technical system, customers contact through the pursuing information portals:


Flooring 3A, Intan Building, ninety-seven Nguyen Van Troi, Keep 12, Phu Nhuan Section, Tp. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Phone: (+84 28) 3847 9707

The Hanoi branch:

2nd floor, Ages Mall Long Bien, Simply no. 27 Co Linh, Very long Bien Ward, Long Muy bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Cellphone: (+84 24) 6272 8880